Third Australia-Spain Research Forum
November 7, 2017

Third Australia-Spain Research Forum

The third Australia-Spain Research Forum, focused on Air, took place in Sydney and Canberra and was attended by prominent European and Australian researchers

The Association of Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific (SRAP) recently held the third edition of the Australia-Spain Research Forum, which focused on the element Air.

As was the case for the previous editions (organised around Light and Water), the Spain Australia Council Foundation sponsored the event with the support of the Embassy of Spain in Australia and the Instituto Cervantes Fellowship, among others.

The Forum is attended by Spanish and Australian researchers and aims to bring together as many social players as possible to facilitate contact between professionals and institutions and promote awareness of scientific advances among the general public.

This year, the event was split into two sessions, one in Sydney and the other in Canberra. The first session looked at hearing and communication, climate change and air quality, industry and culture. There was also a round table on population growth and the stress it is placing on the planet.

The Canberra session focused on science diplomacy, research in Europe and its impact on Australia. It also discussed renewable energies and the latest wind technologies, as well as cultural aspects in which air plays a crucial role, such as music.

The event was attended by Professor Luis Salvador-Carulla, current Director of the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University (ANU), artist Nigel Helyer and sustainability expert Glenn A. Albrecht, among others. The Ambassador of Spain to Australia, Manuel Cacho, gave the closing address.

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